Saturday, October 20, 2012

Food issues

This is my first posting in ten days! Aiiieeee!

There is a most excellent reason for that. I'm on this medication for intracranial hypertension called Diamox and the side effects are too much for one heart to bear. Ya got your tinglin' in yer hands, feet, lips, head an' neck. Ya got yer metallic taste where e'erthin' taste funny. Ya got your fatigue, confusion, and e'er thirty minnits peein'. But best of all ya got yer unholy diarrhea, yer nausea an' yer utter lack of appetite.

Note that these are all side effects on top of the as-yet-undiminished symptoms. Anyway, haven't been eating much lately. To be fair I am eating four times a day, because I take it four times a day and I wish to cushion my tender digestive system. But today, for example, I had two sticks of string cheese. For dinner I had two more.

I can't defend this as a healthy diet, nor as an interesting one. I have had mad dreams of rosewater and devonshire cream- actually, at this point I am taking in so little, and using so much energy, that I'm straight up dreaming about candy. Feh.

Anyway, can't let you go without a recipe, and this one has been very dear to my heart lately.  This one is from my dad- maybe the only recipe of his worth handing down!

Ice Water

Two cups ice
Water to cover

Find the biggest cup you can. Think 32 oz or bigger.
Pour in two cups ice.
Cover with tap water.
Drink heartily!

Okay, so that was a little joke- haha-not-really. But here is the only real recipe I've been using lately.

Huevos Rancheros

2 eggs
A pat of butter
1/2 cup salsa
3/4 cup refried beans

Melt pat of butter in pan on stove at medium heat.
Break eggs, put them in.
Immediately top with salsa.
While that's cooking, microwave refried beans(with a cover, may God save your soul.)

I like these served in a bowl, so I just microwave the beans in the bowl, then when the eggs and salsa are done, plop them on top.  You will know when the eggs are done when the egg white on the top of the yolk has turned white.  Well, that's how I like 'em- I like my yolks runny.

Delicious!  And not too much work!  In fact these are all I've had to eat today.  Excuse me, I need to back to fighting the good fight against exhaustion and malnutrition.

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