Monday, October 8, 2012

Eating more veggies!

Now, this isn't a chronicle of my meals.  That way lies disordered eating and boring reading.  But I do find myself in a place where I'm eating literally four or five times as much veggies and infinity as much fruit.  (It's not hard when you go from eating zero fruit to lots!)  I am forcing it a little, but not too much; I'm just deliberately thinking of more ways to get in fruits and veggies.

So for dinner tonight I had broccoli with cheese, a chicken patty, a baked sweet potato and an apple- which stuffed me.  But I spent most of the day pretty hungry(out running around doing things on a breakfast of grapes and clementines) so I guess it evens out.  My favorite phrase is "Happy fat belly!", which refers to that perfect state of fullness, where you just feel utterly content.  I'm pretty close to that now!

It's a little strange for me, but I find myself leaning away from fatty meats and cheese towards raw and lean vegan recipes.  I'd say I'm eating at least one vegan meal a day(although my meals typically look more like snacks- for example, dinner last night was an apple with peanut butter.)  I'm not sure how great it is for my belly, since I tend to have a hard time with raw plant foods, but I'm just taking it bit by bit.

I also joined my old gym today, which is a really fantastic place- great facilities, two pools(one with a waterslide, whee!)  The people are super nice too.  And I have to say that having access to a steam room and jacuzzi will make my winter!

Although I'm still feeling good about my diet, today and yesterday were kind of tough physically.  I went to the river with my dog on Saturday, which was pretty strenuous for a girl out of condition.  But the worst part could have happened to anyone of any condition- my sandal broke right after we started hiking, and my feet wound up pretty sore from wearing my water shoes.  That made my walking less pleasant.  (Just another reason to join the gym- it gives me a lot of options for exercise!)

Anyway, I'm still chugging along!

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