Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two weeks in

So I began eating my new way on Saturday, September 22nd and it's now Sunday, October 7th.  Two weeks and one day.  I managed to sneak into my mom's house yesterday and weigh myself, and I rang in at 288 lb.  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed.  But then I weigh that against the fact that I didn't have a "starting weight" because I didn't have a scale, and I refocus on the fact that health is my priority, not just weight loss.  I do know that my high point, as far as I know, was 293 lb according to my doctor's scales last month.  I'm also focusing on muscle gain, so weight in and of itself will not be the best measure.  (I am also measuring myself with a measuring tape, but I felt it would be better to wait till next week to remeasure due to confuddledness.)

So, let's tally up the good so far:

I'm sleeping better.
I have more energy.
I am eating less- I feel genuinely hungry before most meals.  In a good way.
I'm eating a much bigger variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
I have completely cut high fructose corn syrup, as well as other added sugars, completely out.
I have cut out grains.*

* I have been tested for gluten intolerance, and I essentially came out a gluten-lovin' chick.  I cut these out not because I think they are bad for me, but because they tend to come with a lot of extra processing and sugars and crud.  Also because I'm doing a low-moderate carb diet here.  If/when I add them back in, it'll probably involve a lot of planning.

Anyway, I feel like I'm ready for more physically.  (Slow more!)  I'm applying for financial assistance with the YMCA and the JCC, both gyms I know very well and both gyms I enjoy.  (And they both have swimming pools, a big thing for me!)  I just feel like more vigorous exercise would suit me pretty well, physically and mentally, although I know that it's gonna be tough.

Yesterday I took my dog to the river, which was amazing and very strenuous.  I had a big bag of picnic stuff, towels and water, and in the other hand I was managing my 65 lb, excited dog, so it was pretty demanding for my arms and shoulders- not to mention that my long-suffering sandals broke about a quarter-mile in to my roughly 2 mile hike.  Thank goodness I brought my water shoes!  But we had a blast, I got some sun and today I had a pleasant soreness in all my major muscle groups.  I don't mind a little soreness- it just means that I'm doing things!

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