Saturday, September 29, 2012

A most unusual combination

I have weird taste sometimes.  My roommate was having cream cheese on toast and I wanted it so badly that I decided to try cream cheese on ham.  I'm not eating sugar or grains these days, so no toast for me!

When planning out my queer recipe, I had to account for two things: 

First, that cream cheese will not spread well on ham.

Second, cream cheese and ham is a LOT of pretty bland and smooth.  It needed some oomph!

I solved these issues by making a cream cheese dip.  Most of my liquid dairy is fermented in the form of kefir, which I thought would add a nice tang to the creaminess, and I chopped fresh herbs to cut the fattiness and brighten it up.  (Oooh, I'm talking just like they do on the Food Network!  Wheee!)

So here's the recipe I ended up with:

A large forkful of cream cheese(about 3 Tbsp)
Enough kefir to liquify the cream cheese(about 3 Tbsp, again)
A handful of fresh basil leaves(or oregano, or sage, or rosemary... or whatever you want!)(1/2 cup, packed.)

I chopped the herbs very fine, because otherwise the texture is untenable.  I mixed the cream cheese and kefir until it reached a nice smooth sauciness, then dumped in my choppedyness.  I like the proportions such that the cream cheese mixture basically serves to bind the herbs together, but YMMV.  

I cubed my ham into bite-sized pieces and dipped it into the sauce, and it's become a staple in my diet.  Today I added cucumber to the list of things that are good to dip into this!  Om nom nom!

I call it Herbed Cream Cheese-Kefir Dip.  I may have to make a big supply!

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